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Audit Firm «BALANCE PLUS» -

Outstanding Opportunities in different fields of commercial activities

The specialists of the Firm will help You to reflect properly all economic and financial operations in Your accounting, will offer You optimal methods of record-keeping based on specific characters of Your enterprise. If necessary the Firm will restore accounting records and will carry out economic analysis of the contracts.
The certified specialists will audit and analyse economic and financial activities of Your enterprise. The confidentiality of the audit is granted by independent status of the Firm.
The qualified auditors will warn You against serious mistakes in tax calculations and will help You to avoid excessive taxation.
The Firm offers a special service in Tax Record Keeping within the framework of the latest Russian legislation for representations of foreign companies. Our consultants will advise You how to prepare Tax declaration.

We provide the following services:

  • Audit;
  • Accounting;
  • Restoration of accounting;
  • Consultations on taxation and accounting;
  • Payroll, tax and fund's contributions calculations, reporting;
  • Business plans elaboration and audit;
  • Investment projects elaboration and audit;
  • Long term contracts for audit and accounting.

  • Audit Firm «BALANCE PLUS» -

    Best Reputation

    We value the reputation of the Firm a lot and provide our clients with high quality services. We do our best to help our clients to escape difficult situations.
    Our customers include the representations of foreign firms in Moscow, companies specialize in retail and wholesale trade, information and advertising agencies, publishing houses, enterprises of light industry and industry of construction materials, electric energy enterprises.


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